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Organizing Photoshop Projects by Alex Stringer

December 5, 2019
If you have had any experience with Photoshop, you may know that a simple project can become an organizational mess once it\'s near the end of completion. My article today is to help you out with organizing your projects and hopefully you\'ll learn about the already useful tools in Photoshop to help with layer organization. We\'re going to start with a sa...
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Getting Started with a CMS by Alex Stringer

November 29, 2019
For those who may not be aware what “CMS” stands for, it’s an abbreviated term for “Content Management System”. The majority of the websites you view on a daily basis are generally backed by one of these. There are hundreds of widely used CMS’ on the web, the most popular one is known as WordPress - According to W3techs and other sources on the internet. ...
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