Getting Started with a CMS

November 29, 2019 - by Alex Stringer

For those who may not be aware what “CMS” stands for, it’s an abbreviated term for “Content Management System”. The majority of the websites you view on a daily basis are generally backed by one of these. There are hundreds of widely used CMS’ on the web, the most popular one is known as WordPressAccording to W3techs and other sources on the internet.

You may not know that WordPress isn’t the only content management system out there, if you take a look at the vast list on Wikipedia, you’ll see that there are hundreds of different content management systems, written in dozens of programming languages.

We’re going to cover getting started with WordPress for today, but we’re happy to take suggestions if you’d like via twitter, or by contacting us directly via email. Feedback is always appreciated if you spot any errors in our blogs.



If you don’t know what a website “backend” is, it is an area of your website which you can log into, to change, create, or remove data and items from your website. It is very handy to quickly change content on the fly, such as a phone number, email address or even minor company details. It allows you to change your website without having to contact the developer of the website for things which should just be minor changes.

WordPress has a simple and easy-to-use backend and is very easy to customize. There are thousands of themes and templates you can get started with, as a company – we specialize in creating bespoke themes for your business. Allowing you to customize parts of your website in many different ways without having to consult us each time you may require just a minor change.


A plugin is a bit of code which can be put into a CMS like WordPress, which allows it to do more things than just providing a regular website. We have clients who use WordPress for selling products online with a plugin such as WooCommerce, allowing them to easily have a shopping website and sell products efficiently. Some of our clients just need simple solutions such as contact forms, and even those have their own plugins to help solve problems.


Have a WordPress site yourself? Perhaps you’re looking to build a new website and use WordPress as the CMS?

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