For over 30 years we have helped produce surgical technique videos – in fact our first involvment was working with Professor John Charnley helping to produce his aclaimed 16mm film detailing his Low Friction Technique for hip replacement.

We have filmed nearly every joint in the human body, hips, knees, elbows, facial, spine, ankle and wrist, both joint replacement, soft tissue repair and trauma cases in the UK and across Europe, recently a cutting edge Parkinson treatment and a liver resection.

We can provide an experienced professional video production team experienced in working in Hospitals, who understand the restrictions in and arouind the operating theatre, we have experienced using multiple cameras, or we can work with your supplied footage.

We can also help in scripting, turning an operative technique in to a shorter readable script, getting the footage and voice over to sync is a real art. We can edit, add graphics, produce 3D animation and source the right voice over to match your video. We have used a number of recognisable actors to add that extra bit of gravitas.

We have worked all over europe, recording live operations, we even directed a french crew with two cameras linked to a live broadcast accross the ocean to the USA

If you need a professional surgical technique video for training or promotional use – we would like to help…

Our sister company ThinkSquad has the same level of experience in producing printed surgical techniques covering a wide range of surgical applications

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Webposse are a PHP website design and build company based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. We are as happy building online shops using a number of web based solutions as we are building you a responsive brochure website that looks as good on your mobile as it does on your desktop.

We bridge the gap between great design and fantastic programming, a site has to look good to engage with your customer- keeping them on the site as regular visitors is all about how the site functions and delivers your message, products or services.

The process starts with a briefing to get to understand you and your business – your dreams and aspirations – where you see your-self in 5 years – and finishes with a website that can help to take you on your journey to a brighter future.






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