Why you should have a Webposse responsive website – Under 35’s are one of the fastest growing segments of the internet market. Research suggests that they search for a product or service on the mobile during lunchtime and then when they get home they will use an iPad or laptop to order the item. Recent data now suggests that ordering items directly from a mobile phone increases yearly.

Why is the use of smartphones on the increase.

When did you last leave the house without your phone? Why because we carry them around with us all day and now we can access the web from almost anywhere.

Having the same Responsive Website design is specially relevant on a mobile device and a desktop or laptop will help in converting potential visitors into a live customers.

Most visitors to your site will probably access your web pages across a number of different sources, desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Having a consistent presentation across these different media will help you to retain customers and find new ones.

Responsive Website design therefore means that even on small phones, contact forms are big enough to let you fill them in. Any telephone number on the mobile phone will allow the user to contact you directly using the phone.

And finally with a Responsive Design approach, you will only need to maintain a single website. We design all our websites based around 100% for desktop, 75% for tablets, 50% for landscape mobiles and 25% for portrait viewing on a mobile phone. These rules mean your responsive website will look good on any platform, even new ones that as yet don’t exist. Any additions or amends only have to be done once – so a Responsive Website will make significant cost savings for you.

Contact us today to see how we could help you turn visitors into customers using resonsive design to make your content reach a wider audience. Remember the number of people accessing a website on a mobile phone grows each year and now is the main source of accessing the internet.


Case study: Hydro Designs

The original site was built using an online web development environment using a template based system – you choose a business type and then modify this by adding your own images and copy – these can be OK if your starting up in business but are not ideal – its hard to create a unique personal website

Having discussed the needs and desires of the client we came up with a number of design suggestions based around the logo and colours as used on the clients business card

Brand Identity is key to a businesses success – our sister company ThinkSquad specialises in Brand Identity and Print – it’s important that your brand- logo is consistent across all your media, when you give them your business card and they look at your website its the same identity. If not confusion starts to creep in – unjoined thinking even at this level could be enough for you to loose out on a sale.

As you can see the design of the site works well on a desktop or laptop, and is just as good looking on a iPad or mobile phone.

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